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Greater Safety with Lower Operational Risk

The LANEXO® inventory manager improves safety compliance and reduces operational risks in the laboratory thanks to several automated features. Lab productivity gets a boost when personnel can devote their time to more value-added activities.



A Safer Lab

  • For easier visual identification, a consumable’s location can be marked as: Ventilated, Explosion Protected, Restricted Access, or Hazard Zone
  • Through real-time storage compliance monitoring, lab personnel are alerted about storage conflicts at point of use, before incompatible chemicals are stored together
  • Storage compliance is monitored according to the GHS matrix on the web app
  • Storage incompatibility alerts on the mobile app prevent risks before they happen
  • Email notification is sent in case a storage incompatibility is overridden
  • Instant access to digital safety data sheets (SDS) with safety pictograms of each consumable ensure safer handling and disposal
  • In case of incidents, a real-time overview of a chemical’s location can help emergency response teams (e.g. fire brigades)

Storage Rules

If you enable the Hazard Zone option in the LANEXO® Mixed Storage Rules, the app will alert specified users or user groups to any storage incompatibility or other noncompliance. Users will also get notified via email if a storage rule has been broken. Select the standard Default Storage Matrix or Customize Storage Matrix according to your lab’s needs.


    Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Availability

    With LANEXO®, all your safety data sheets (SDS) are stored safely and conveniently on the mobile and web apps.

    • Each consumable is directly linked to its electronic safety data sheet (SDS), giving lab personnel immediate access to critical safety information, such as correct handling and disposal instructions.
    • Researchers can instantly access the SDS of any Sigma-Aldrich chemical by simply scanning its LANEXO® RFID label.
    • For third-party consumables, users can upload an electronic SDS or a photo of an SDS they’ve taken themselves right into the app.

    What's included