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More Efficient Lab Inventory Management

The LANEXO® inventory manager digitally captures data from consumables* at point of use with a combination of vendor-neutral RFID labels and intuitive software. This means lab personnel spend significantly less time on repetitive, error-prone tasks, and have access to real-time inventory data to support experimental planning and operational efficiency in the lab.

*Commercially available reagents, standards and samples or lab-prepared solutions.


Inventory Management

Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of lab materials through the traditional barcode system takes a lot of time and effort. In a Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany survey from 2021, scientists reported spending around 25% of their time on routine inventory upkeep. To further complicate matters, many lab managers now work from home, making inventory verification practically impossible.

LANEXO® eliminates these challenges by giving you a detailed, real-time overview of lab inventory from anywhere.

  • Easily register consumables: place a LANEXO® Smart Seal RFID label on each bottle, log into the LANEXO® mobile app, tap the “Registration” button and scan the label’s barcode with your smartphone.
  • The labels record each consumable’s opening date. Based on these dates and on shelf life, the software calculates and monitors expiration dates.
  • With the “Inventory Count” function, you can synchronize your physical and digital inventories in any location. The app tracks where consumables are stored, saving you time in searching for them.
  • The software monitors consumption of chemicals per unit and sends digital notifications (e.g. low stock levels, expiration dates) to help prevent stock outages and experimental errors. It also helps generate reorder lists to support replenishment management.
  • You always have a traceable digital record of each consumable you use, including quantity of bottles and volume remaining.

Experimental Planning and Execution

With LANEXO®, scientists have instant access to complete, up-to-date data on all the consumables they plan to use, so experiments flow smoother, documentation becomes simpler and compliance is secured.

  • Documenting reagents, standards, samples and intermediates used in lab analyses becomes much faster and more accurate.
  • The software digitally curates and automatically updates all sources of product information, including SDS, Certificates of Analysis (CoA), owner, opening and expiry dates, location, usage and disposal details.
  • If an expired chemical is scanned for use in an analysis, the LANEXO® app automatically sounds an alert. This saves you time and materials—and prevents quality risks.
  • Approved users get rapid, real-time and shared digital access to all inventory data so they can record experimental workflows faster.
  • The system provides a comprehensive digital audit history of each consumable, simplifying regulatory compliance and reporting.

Streamlining Sustainability

With the LANEXO® inventory manager, labs can use consumables more sustainably—and even go paperless.

  • Lab personnel are prompted to use consumables according to the first in, first out (FIFO) principle, so those closest to their expiration dates but still valid are prioritized.
  • This means fewer materials are wasted, leading to lower disposal costs and, ultimately, fewer purchases.
  • Data on consumables are accurately stored, easily searchable and always accessible, so you no longer need paper logbooks and Excel spreadsheets to manage your inventory.

Inventory Count

LANEXO® lets you synchronize your physical and digital inventories for any storage location. 

  • If a consumable is accidentally stored in the wrong location, you receive an error message.
  • If a consumable isn’t replaced in storage, it will be automatically marked as missing.

UHF Handheld RFID Reader: Bulk Inventory Count

The LANEXO® inventory manager helps improve lab efficiency by providing you with a real-time overview of the materials you have in stock.

  • Synchronize your physical and digital inventories using the “Inventory Count” feature. With a UHF handheld reader plus the LANEXO® mobile app and LANEXO® Smart Seal/Identifier RFID labels, you can count your entire inventory in one go—within seconds.
  • UHF Bulk Scan mode reduces the time you spend on inventory count, ensuring accurate data and a real-time overview of consumables and quantities in stock. Use the handheld reader to scan the LANEXO® Smart Seal/Identifier label on each bottle, vial or box during the inventory count.
  • All custom-developed LANEXO® RFID labels include both near-field and far-field antennas.
  • You can connect the UHF reader to the LANEXO® mobile app via Bluetooth or near-field communication (NFC). Once paired with your mobile device, the reader can bulk scan the LANEXO® RFID labels on your consumables in a desired storage location.
  • We recommend the handheld TSL 2128P Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader. Learn more about it at:
  • Find out how and where to buy a TSL UHF reader at:

Smoother Operations

Our accurate, automated inventory manager helps save time and effort while improving operational efficiencies.

  • Precise monitoring of shelf life and expiration dates means less spoilage and waste of unused or expired consumables.
  • Labs avoid over- and understocking reagents. This helps prevent running out of stock, last-minute orders and the associated higher shipping fees. It also shrinks the lab’s storage footprint.
  • Lab personnel have a more complete overview of stock levels for better experimental planning and can minimize costs associated with experimental downtime when the lab is understocked.

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