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What's Included?

LANEXO Inventory Manager

Our inventory management solution includes everything you need for instant access to detailed information on every consumable in your lab.
LANEXO® web and mobile app work seamlessly with a range of RFID labels and user access cards to put real-time, audit-ready data at your fingertips.

1. Mobile App

The App lets you register lab consumables simply by scanning them with a smartphone, and gives you access to all the inventory manager’s capabilities.

Please note that we don’t sell mobile phones, but can recommend a tested model.

2. RFID Labels

Our full range of radiofrequency identification (RFID) labels can be applied to consumables from any vendor, as well as to in-house preparations:

3. Web App

Web app lets you take care of your application settings and search/export functions such as restocking rules, user permissions, safety rules, audit trails export, etc.

4. User Access Cards

User access cards let all authorized personnel log in to the apps with a unique digital signature


Approximately 6 hours of user training, depending on your needs.

Weekly health checks on support status and product quality.

Quarterly and annual business review meetings with all relevant stakeholders.


The LANEXO® inventory manager is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription.
Choose either the 3-month free trial package or a 6-month pilot subscription, which let you test all LANEXO® features to determine the exact yearly subscription type you need.

The subscription includes:
Access to the mobile and web apps, shipment of Smart Seal, Identifier and Position labels plus user access cards in quantities specified by the package you purchase.

LANEXO®is offered as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription, and we handle all maintenance for you.

Licencing packages: 

LANEXO® Enterprise, yearly, up to 100 users 
LANEXO® Academic, GoV, Hosp, yearly up to 100 users
LANEXO® GxP upgrade


To start, a six-month pilot subscription, or a yearly subscription Plan-S for only 10 users is also available on special request.
This allows you to test all software features and to determine the exact early subscription type you need.

You may also go for the 30-days free trial with a few RFID labels, allowing a limited first experience with LANEXO®.