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What is the LANEXO® Inventory Manager?


The LANEXO® inventory manger is a software solution specifically designed for regulated (GxP-compliant) analytical/QC laboratories in pharma, biopharma (small and mid-sized), industrial testing and CRO/CDMO.

Combining web and mobile apps, radiofrequency identification (RFID) labels, user access cards and a smartphone, LANEXO® lets you capture and manage lab inventory data with ease, efficiency and convenience, without sacrificing safety or quality.

More efficient inventory management
Detailed, real-time data greatly enhances experimental planning and operational efficiency, so scientists spend less time on manual inventory processes and more time on science. Learn More

Compliant and audit ready
Secure data storage, time-stamped audit trails, user authentication and traceable records ensure that your lab is always audit-ready and compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11. Learn more

Greater safety with lower operational risk
LANEXO® incorporates automated features like electronic SDS, storage compliance monitoring and expiry date monitoring to enhance and simplify your lab’s safety compliance. Learn more

Intuitive and easy to implement
Our mobile and web apps are simple to set up and integrate into existing workstreams. They use an intuitive, straightforward interface that lab personnel can learn in less than a day. Learn more


Lab consumables can be easily, quickly and accurately registered into the LANEXO® inventory manager using our mobile app.

Place a LANEXO® RFID label on your consumable (reagent, standard, sample or in-house solution).
Scan the label with your smartphone and our user-friendly Android app to capture data and complete registration.
The tamper-proof Smart Seal label tracks the opening date of each consumable. Once a bottle is opened, LANEXO® automatically calculates the new expiry date.