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How to Switch from Old-School Inventory to LANEXO®

In today's competitive market, labs are always looking for ways to optimize their operations. Inventory management plays a key role in achieving this goal. Nathan Payne, a highly experienced lab manager at Sigma-Aldrich®, led his lab’s transformation from traditional inventory management to using LANEXO®. In a series of instructional films, Nathan offers valuable advice about different features of the software, and describes the benefits for his lab.

Expert Profile

Nathan Payne is a Senior Consultant for the Extractables & Leachables division of Merck Life Science, based at the Millipore Sigma labs in Burlington, Massachusetts.

With more than a decade of experience as a lab manager, Nathan’s expertise lie in creating material libraries and performing flow and thermal computer simulations. His current focus is on implementing global procedures and harmonization along with training team members.


Nathan's drive for continuous improvement, simplification, and speed to customer was what led to the implementation of LANEXO® at their labs – with remarkable results.

"LANEXO® automatically updates chemical quantities to help maintain a concise and efficient inventory. It is a great tool for process optimization."

– Nathan Payne, Senior Consultant & Laboratory Manager

Watch our Webinar

Delve deeper into the remarkable transformation of Nathan’s lab in our webinar: “Maximizing Efficiency with Customer-Centric Inventory Management: A Success Story.”

Webinar topics:

  • Identifying inventory challenges and solutions
  • Impact of LANEXO® on overall business efficiency
  • Role of cutting-edge RFID technologies
  • Best practices for implementation

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