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UHF Handheld RFID Reader: Bulk Inventory Count with LANEXO® System

The LANEXO® Lab Inventory, Safety & Compliance Management System helps improve inventory efficiency by providing you with a real-time overview of the materials you have in stock.

Synchronize your physical and digital inventories using the “Inventory Count” feature. With the UHF handheld reader plus the LANEXO® Mobile App and LANEXO® Smart Seal/Identifier RFID labels, you can count your entire inventory in one go—within seconds.

Using UHF Bulk Scan mode can reduce the time you spend on inventory count, ensuring accurate data and a real-time overview of what you have in stock and how much. Use the handheld reader to scan the LANEXO® Smart Seal/Identifier label on each bottle, vial or box during the inventory count.

All custom-developed LANEXO® RFID labels include both near-field and far-field antennas.

You can connect the UHF reader to the LANEXO® Mobile App via Bluetooth or near-field communication (NFC). Once paired with your mobile device, the reader can bulk scan the LANEXO® RFID labels on your consumables in a desired storage location.

We recommend the handheld TSL 2128P Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader. Learn more about this UHF reader at

Find out how and where to buy a TSL UHF reader at